Our vision is that all people, no matter where they live, have a right to access high-quality, affordable healthcare.

ACCESS Health International has offices in Singapore, the Philippines, the United States, Sweden, Morocco, and Indonesia.

Who We Are
ACCESS Health International is a not for profit foundation with the mission to improve access to high quality affordable health for people everywhere. We are a think tank and consulting group that discovers and describes best practices in health care finance, health systems and medical processes. We share our knowledge through publications, conferences and workshops. We manage practitioner-to-practitioner training programs and serve as consultants to federal and state governments and to the private sector. Our belief is that through knowledge and close collaborations across sectors we can improve health systems in both emerging and advanced economies

ACCESS Health is a US foundation with offices in Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Morocco, Sweden and the United States. ACCESS is supported by grants from foundations, government aid organizations, individuals, and consulting services.

ACCESS Health’s work in emerging economies is focused on health care systems, including health care finance and service delivery. Specifically we support governments working towards universal healthcare coverage with a focus on improving quality of healthcare services. We have expertise in communication technologies, monitoring and evaluation of healthcare systems. We also have expertise in medical process improvement with a focus on maternal and child health, eye care and drug procurement.

ACCESS Health focuses on improvement in care of the elderly and those with chronic disease in countries with advanced economies.