09 Jul 2013
By Prabal Vikram Singh
Thoughts from the Impact Investment Forum 2013

Key takeaways and reflections from thought provoking discussions in Singapore.

Attending my first ever impact investment in Social Enterprises (SEs) forum in Singapore 2013, I found the forum to be very versatile in addressing issues from points of view of the beneficiaries and also the investors. The forum was attended by investors, members from the civil society, government representatives, entrepreneurs, academics and students...


17 Feb 2010
By Prabal Vikram Singh
Saving 1 million lives
I recently visited Ekjut, an organization reducing neonatal mortality by engaging women groups in tribal areas of East India (office pictured at right). With home-based care and specialized facilities, community group mobilization is one of three key ways that public health programs can deliver neonatal interventions. 

Every year, over one million children born in India do not live for more than four weeks. In India, neonatal deaths account for more than 60 percent of deaths within the first year of life. Hence, to make a significant dent in India’s Infant Mortality Rate, the issue of neonatal survival needs immediate attention.

The organization Ekjut carried out cluster randomized control trials in Jharkhand and one district of Orissa, finding a positive correlation between sustained engagement with women groups...

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