Stephanie Treschow, Country Manager

ACCESS Sweden  

ACCESS Health Sweden is focused on aging. We are studying the Swedish elderly care system in-depth in order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the system. Furthermore, we actively support the development of new solutions to improve the life of older persons. We believe that to be able to care for current and future generations of elderly, we need to engage people of all ages in the community as well as find new solutions and re-structure the way we provide care for elderly and chronically ill. Programs that we currently run include:

Modern Aging

An innovation program sponsored by the Swedish Postcode Lottery to which young entrepreneurs apply with their improvement ideas catering the elderly population. A group of 10 people is selected based on the potential of their ideas as well as their motivation to lead the way in transforming the elderly care sector. The 3-month program includes an introduction to the main challenges for the aging population in the country, information about existing good practices domestically and internationally that can serve for adoption, and support to the entrepreneurs to both test their ideas as well as develop them into business-ready concepts. The program includes lecture series with some of the most important policy makers and managers in elderly care in Sweden and a mentorship program for all the participating entrepreneurs.The program serves to stimulate discussions on how to improve the lives of older persons beyond the participants in the program and it has already gained broad attention in Sweden. We are currently looking into opportunities to extend the program to Singapore and the United States. Please read more on the website HERE


A platform where a multidisciplinary team of bloggers from all over the world post about innovation in elderly care. The blog have had over 45.000 views to date. The platform serves to raise awareness about already existing innovation in elderly care as well as conditions, attitudes and lifestyles of the new generation of the elderly all over the world. Please visit the website HERE

To read more about finalized programs and reports; see below links: