ACCESS Health identified India as the home of many good practices in healthcare with entrepreneurs driving solutions for high quality and low cost of care. The work of ACCESS Health in India has evolved from identifying such good practices and documenting them, to more actively spreading and helping scale these good practices. One important development over the last few years in India has been the willingness of the government to partner with the private sector. The government has contracted private organizations that have been able to scale the services to benefit more people. The government is now also purchasing more services from the private sector to improve access to quality care by the poor. The government is also, through those arrangements increasingly looking at the quality of care provided in the public and the private sector.

ACCESS Health has, as a response to these developments, developed two areas of practice in India, in collaboration with the Indian School of Business.

  • Health financing where new government sponsored health insurance schemes are analyzed and support is provided to improve the engagement with healthcare providers as well as to build capacity for further reforms within the government. The objective is to establish an environment for continuous improvement in quality of care where the government generates and analyzes service data and uses the information to steer health financing reforms most optimally.
  • Health care service delivery where we facilitate practitioner to practitioner learning of good practices through structured training modules.